Texprotect has been supplying schools Australia wide with innovative textbook protection and document storage holders for over 25 years.

All our products are made from polypropylene which is synthesised from carbon and hydrogen. There are no dangerous emissions during its manufacture. It can be recycled incinerated or land filled without any harm to the environment. When burnt polypropylene will only give off water vapor and carbon dioxide. It does not contain heavy metals and is chemically stable (inert).

Valuable textbooks costing $50+ are protected with inexpensive protectors for less than $5 for the lifetime of the textbook.

Choose from three products:

  • Clipcase
  • Booksleeve
  • Slipcover

We can also supply an obligation free quotation for CUSTOM sized clipcases or booksleeves.

Schools enjoy the benefit of textbooks lasting and looking attractive for much longer periods of time. Faculty budgets benefit allowing extra funds for other vital resources.

Our A4 clipcase™ are used for storing documents exams or simply protecting large textbooks.

All our products are sent flat for easy assembly




Various clipcase™ sizes and colours available for normal textbooks and documents




Textbook is placed inside Booksleeve from the top. Various sizes and colours available




Textbook is placed inside Slipcover SPINE first.